electronic Bullitts – the overview

Ok, here it is the state of the art overview of electrified Bullitt Cargobikes.

First of all, our Nr. 26 is out of business. Since March we had only 2 or 3 slightly interested people asking for the stepchild idea of a Crylstalyte Motor in the Rear wheel of a Bullitt. Also no one had the intension to do the invest.

So where is the world of electronic Cargobikes at the moment?


Taking on another 2100 Euro after you purchased your shiny new Bullitt you will be able to add a BionX PL 250 HT. This was at least done two or three times so far, I saw a yellow ‘Chuck’ from France and the guys over in Portugal did the trick with an MilkPlus Ext.
This approach is limited to the Rear wheel and needs an external Gear (Ext.). Also BionX is one of the bigger Conversion Kit providers it is based on a Motor with Planetary Gears, which means quite some noise. A small and expensive Battery Pack is also a drawback.


  • Light System – adds about 7kg to the Bike
  • Cargobay is untouched, all Accessories except of the Billboard are installable
  • Service Level for BionX is, spoken for Conversion Kits, the highest in US/EU

Beside the high Price (for that small battery), this is the most interesting Variant to bring some extra Power to your Bullitt at the moment. No other conversion kit is mountable that fast, beside the fact that you have to hack some extra mounts for the Battery Pack.

an Apple – the iBullitt

Our friends from Kreuzberg – Akku Bike – did their own approach to build an electrified Bullitt. Introducing the ‘iBullitt‘ available only at the Berlin based E-Bike Mega Store ‘speed-e me‘. This Thing is driven by a relatively cheap and noisy Nine Continent Hub Motor (NC2807), Akku-Bike re branded, the good part its an direct driven System without gears inside the Hub.

Sadly the Disc Brake is removed and the front fork needs to get an extra mount point to add an Magura Rim Brake. So your new Bullitt will go back to the workbench and gets an Adapter hard soldered, new painting is also necessary. I’m not sure for which Bullitt Versions this makes a sense the Bluebird for example has its front fork in multiple colors.

Further on the fine Holowtech Crankshaft is exchanged to allow the standard Pedal Assist Sensor to work, this is a must for EU Pedelecs.
The Alu-Box is not the Original from Lvs.H, but a special derivate from a Berlin based manufacturer for Courier Bikers, it is a must for the conversion since all critical electronics are in there (and protected from water of course).
Except of the Billboard no other Extras can be added, no space for the Damper or Dynamo is left, critical in my point of view is the limitation to 50kg Cargo load a big withdraw compared to the 180kg for which the bike is intended.

The price of the iBullitt is not clear now, the page varies from 2900 to 3990 Euro from time to time, for the whole bike. The Battery might be an LiIon derivate, as the page states, the producer says it is an LiFePo4 with 36V/16Ah.

It is too early to make further statements as this is only a prototype.

Dirks mighty Monkey

Last but not least, the free fly Variant. The basic design of a stokemonkey known from Clever Cycles. Here is a video of the motor in action: Youtube.

The biggest advantage of this kind of motor extension is that you can still use the Alfine Gears – Not only for your pedal power, but also for the Motor Power! So this is the most economic approach since you can run the motor at an optimal rpm rate most of the time. A very energy efficient way.

The withdraw: The conversation, mount Points and Add-Ons are nearly unaffordable and no manufacturer will build a rotating Crank in series. But this is a really cool way for DIY people who want to build something really dedicated. If you build one of this for your own, your able to ride it. – Thanks Dirk to bright up the DIY E-Bike Scene so much.

and one more thing…

the solution – coming soon http://ebullitt.de/

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